My work is inspired by the complexity of and sequences in everyday life. Sequences which forms moments, habits and routines, organises and gives content to our time and existence.  

In my paintings I try to capture a experienced, trivial everydaymotive through objects which are just there, in any occupation. The objects and environment play an important role on how and if we act. They can be an armchair, or the surface of a table. These objects have a presence, yet emptiness in the room, and let me focus on something that is, but at the same time the value in them.

The light has always interested me; how it defines a moment and the colours. The light is a way for me to capture the presence.  

The material and method I use is acrylic on cardboard. The painting process enables an immediate reaction and result from action; the combination of perception, mixing colours, and the variation in brushstrokes. I use both pictures of objects, or objects in real life in front of me. The painting is not only about the armchair or table itself.I prefer working on a small scale; this helps me to have focus on the process and the painting itself and the cropped section I have chosen. I want the viewer to take a closer look. By splitting the pictures in small sections, I represent the captured moments and the many sequences the activity inhabit.